"This bloody little masterpiece had me laughing the whole way through."
- Ain't It Cool News

"[...] this one immediately shot into my Top 5 for the festival thus far. An absolute winner."

"...pulls off something that's harder to do than it looks, namely the comedy of escalating disaster..."
- Variety Magazine

"delivers on all the right dark and bloody comic beats-4 Stars"
- Film Threat

"Canadian comedy MON AMI is a Bloody Good Time!"
- Quiet Earth

"Im quite impressed with this film, which will probably remain one of the most memorable of the festival when all is said and done."
- Film Ghoul

"Teagan Vincze is a late-arriving MVP, making Teddy’s wife Liz everything one would hope and expect from an hour of build-up."
-efilm critic

"[...] rather off the beaten path, a buddy black comedy, with as much enthusiasm as gags involving grievous injury; maybe enough to win audiences over."
-Jay's Movie Blog

"Violent accidents begin to accumulate while the bodies begin to pile up in this hilarious film with an original ending."

"Out of all of the comedies, and generally comedic films, at Fantasia this year Mon Ami was easily the bloodiest, and got the biggest laughs."

"Its combination of brutal violence and laughs is, I suspect because of the lovably loathsome protagonists, a winning one."
- 24 Panels per Second

"Mon Ami soon won me over with inspired performances by the charismatic leads Mike Kovac and Scott Wallis."
- Diabolique Magazine

"The graphically bloodstained moments of the film are reminiscent of Tarintino or American Psycho and well balanced with the comic elements of the film with the overall effect coming across as something far more akin to Fargo."
- Cinehouse UK

"Delightfully funny and brilliantly refreshing, with its strong comedic cast and solid plot, Mon Ami is a comedy that’s not to be missed."
- View London

"...a triumph of Indie film’s both a very hilarious comedy and a terribly unsettling thriller...hands down one of the best movies we have seen this year."

- This My Show

"...fresh, entertaining and oddly violent comedy...It exceeded my expectations by miles."
- Film Bizarro

"...achieved something to be proud of...despite the film's flaws, there is a lot to celebrate."
- Kid in the Front Row

"Mon Ami is just plain funny. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time...great direction and acting and a very clever script."
- The Examiner

"Like a roller coaster that just keeps plummeting downward with no relief in sight, Grant's go-for-broke splatter comedy is an undeniably fun film..."

- Canuxploitation

"’s bloody, in your face, and it means enjoyable experience with some very humorous moments."
- Horrorella

"A fun little dark comedy with a spirited tone."
- Film Equals

"Mon Ami was a total crowd pleaser. ...definitely raised the bar for what you can accomplish on a tiny budget."
- Vancouver Weekly

"...the film breaks barriers and takes risks...Witty and well-written dialogue carries the film."
- VanCityBuzz

"MON AMI is hilarious. MON AMI is violent. MON AMI is bloody. And MON AMI is one of the best films I’ve watched for Cinequest this year."
- Popcorn and Vodka

"It was funny, it was crazy, it was bloody, it was sick, it was out of control..."
- Phil's Film Adventures

"...its the two friends obvious bromantic chemistry that makes it all work."
- Jason Watches Movies

"Rob Grant and company have created something rarely seen in the world of film – independent or not: a consistently hilarious and engaging small-scale horror/black-comedy, absolutely FULL of huge, genuine laughs, endearing characters, clever and stylish direction, and loads of jaw-droppingly candid violence."
- Vile Reviews

"...a well acted comedy with great pacing and direction."
- SweetTalks

"Mon Ami suggests the Vancouver-based filmmaker has grown immeasurably as a both a scenarist (his script finds a sublime balancing of otherwise disparate elements) and craftsman (his lensing, in collaboration with DOP Michael Baier , is of the highest low-budget quality.)"
- Screen Space

"The script is witty, the low budget origins are neatly hidden and the characters are sensationally funny. The entire cast is A-Grade, delivering lines with precision timing. "
- Film Ink

"And now we have Mon Ami, a film that takes the botched crime flick (or botched kidnapping, to be more precise) and ladles on plenty of bloodshed as well as plenty of laughs."
- Flick Feast

" a crowd-pleaser it’s difficult to imagine a better movie. Again, here’s a film which will no doubt make it into my top 10 films of this year."
- Brutal As Hell